About the Bernedoodle,Goldendoodle,and Golden Mountain Dog

About Golden Mountain Dogs

The Golden Mountain Dog is a large breed who is super affectionate and will adore you forever,and not afraid to show you. Active families will enjoy that they will love to go hiking with you or just love to watch tv. They are very intelligent and easy to train. One willnotice how quick they catch on to commands and tricks. Confident,calm,and patient are great words that describe the dogs. The are great family dogs, love children, other dogs and other pets. Hybrid breeds tend to be surprisingly hardy and healthy. By combining the Bernes loving,intelligent, and calm nature with the Goldens eagerness to please, and happy gentle attitude, they are great for any type of family. By combining these two breeds that compliment each other you not only get a great personality, but you eliminate the shorter lifespan in the Bernes, and eliminate many of the health problems that arise in pure breeds. The Golden Mountain Dog truly is a great dog!!

About Goldendoodles

A goldendoodle is a hybrid dog by mixing a golden retriever with a standard poodle. These dogs get anywhere between 40 and 70 pounds. By combining the two breeds you get what is known as hybrid vigor, meaning you get the best of both breeds, resulting in a low to non shedding dog, that is easy to train, friendly, docile, affectionate and a true family friend.  

About Bernedoodles

The Bernedoodle in a hybrid cross between the bernese mountain dog and the standard poodle. These dogs will reach anywhere between 70 and 90 pounds. Bringing the vigor of the poodle with the Bernese allows for longer lifespan than the Bernese, and a more hypoallergenic coat, which is great for families with allergies.  These puppies will come in solid,bicolor,and tricolor. They will be intelligent, highly trainable, and great family pets!! Hybrid Vigor is a great thing, it truly can make for a more healthy dog. The personalities of the Bernese, docile,friendly, smart,confident, combine with the poodle, who has quite the comedian personality, loves people, and kids, and is easy to train, you get an amazing breed. 

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